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Health deserves more

A brand of individual pharmacies which has created a relationship of sincere partnership of high respect. The team which offers unselfish care for the patients with professional pharmaceutical advice and education before and after supply aiming at enhancing and prolonging people’s lives. Care, help, advice for the prevention and usage of the pharmaceuticals products for better health and life.
Values of PlusPharma:

We do care and help people on their way to better health and more qualitative life.

We are dedicated to honesty and trust, we listen with respect, empathy and complete understanding only to offer high care and to give the best advice.

We are trying to be extraordinary in everything we do and continually we are in search of  new innovative ways of improving your job.

Committed to becoming the best in our job to achieve the best possible results and better health.

With high dedication we are working according to the high ethic standards to achieve our reasonable and achievable goals. We take this responsibility for the process and the result of our work.

We do our job with respect and righteously observing the high ethic standards to consolidate professionalism and trust.

We united around only one objective, to encourage and to ameliorate communication, coordination and group work aiming at offering our clients higher quality services.

We promote the culture of inclusion, diversity warms our hearts and our behaviour is the same towards every one. With respect, decency and in a proper way.

We are committed to higher level of innovation in our work, pharmaceutical care and constant advancement. We aim at better health and more qualitative life.

We take care of the environment, help individual and social welfare. Encourage, educate, advise and aim at reaching healthy lifestyle and healthy life habits.

PlusPharma benefits

PlusPharma Pharmacies

Health deserves more

More than

More than
Experienced pharmacists

More than

More than
Satisfied patients

Services and products

Personal attention
Proper conceling concernig the use of the selected drug.
Buying suitability,
Care for you and your family.
Help to solve your special health needs.

Products from well-known manufacturers.
Drugs ( comercial and from the fund).
OTC products.
Food additives.
Products for care and hygiene.
Galen products.

Descrete advice.
Help and guidance for qualitative health protection.

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