Sanostol with no sugar represents multivitamin syrup as a source of vitamins А, D3, Е, C, B1, B2   and B6 that should be used by children of age more than 3 years old.

SANOSTOL with no sugar enables you to supplement your food with many vitamins and contributes to normal functioning of the immune system.

Today’s dietary habits could partly lead to certain nutrients not being consumed in sufficient quantities, and hence to the lack of supply of vitamins to the body. In special life situations when the organism does not receive enough vitamins, it is necessary to provide additional supplies.

Mode of use:
Children older than 3  years, the young and the adults:
daily dose to 10 ml (1 spoonful/a day)
Recommended dose should not be excided.
Before use of the limiting product SANOSTOL plus iron, consult with your doctor.
Pregnant women and women in whom pregnancy can not be excluded should consult a doctor before taking this product.

Product producer: Takeda Pharma

Before use, attentively read the instructions!
For indications, the risk from the use and side effects of the drug consult with your physician or pharmacist!